Thursday, January 31, 2013

One Dollar Donation

Hanging out with a todder is like playing a never-ending game of Balderdash, except that you never get a turn. Bub simply comes up with all the nonsense and leaves me to guess at the definitions. Example:

Bub: (in the middle of lunch) Boo-hoo, why doesn’t anybody listen to me?
Me: Ohhhh, are you quoting Reginald von Hooby Dooby from Mo Willems Edwina the Dinosaur Who Was Extinct?
Bub: Yessss.

Sometimes they come easy. Sometimes they take longer to decipher, which makes for lively conversations and Freud-worthy word associations, as last night. I’m changing his diaper, he’s not being super-cooperative, and I’m a little too tired to sing my “Stop Squeezing Your Cheeks, Kid” ditty.

Me: Come on, Bub, just let me in there, please.
Bub: Ehhhhhh. No wipe, no wipe!
Me: I’ll be gentle, let’s just get this over with.
Bub: No wipe, no wipe!
Me: Dude, I don’t want you to itch all night. Let’s bust this out real quick.
Bub: One dollar donation.
Me: Excuse me?
Bub: One dollar donation, Daddy.
Me: I heard you, I just don’t have any cash…
Bub: Please!
Me: Well, technically, a donation is optional, Bub. I don’t have to…
Me: Ohhhhh. Wait, are you thinking about story time? And the suggested one dollar donation?
Bub: Yessssss.
[wipe wipe wipey wipe wipe] Me: Yeah, did Mommy give you a dollar for Ms. Linda?
Bub: Yes.
Me: Wow, nice work, Bub. Money well spent.
Bub: Yes.

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  1. If I had a dollar donation for every diaper I've changed.....