Thursday, January 24, 2013

Meteorologist Bub

I think Bub has all the requisite skills to be the next Brick Tamlin. He’s observant, polite and he loves the Weather Channel. This was from a mere glance out the window:

Bub: Ooh, it’s cold outside.

Me: Sure is. What do you see?

Bub: It’s snowing!

Me: Oh, it’s snowing?

Bub: It’s raining!

Me: Well, it raining or snowing?

Bub: Yes.

Me: Unusual for this time of year.

Bub: Yes.

Me: What do you think the temperature is?

Bub: Fifty! (it’s 12)

Me: Wow, fifty, huh? Is it sunny?

Bub: The sun is awake. (it’s overcast as shit)

Me: Anything else?

Bub: It’s getting dark.

Me: Man, time flies.

Bub: Yes. (Yawn) I’m tired.

Me: Well, meteorology is pretty hard work. Can you tell us what tomorrow looks like?

Bub: Yes. (Pause) Hrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Pooping!

Me: Well, it can’t be 50 and raining and snowing and sunny every day…

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