Monday, December 24, 2012

Birth of the Lightmaker

Week I

Me: Ooh, Bub, you see the lights?
Bub: Yes. More? More lights?
Me: Okay, look on your right. There’s some more.
Bub: Oooh, beautiful lights. More? More lights?

Week II

Bub: Ooh, lights! Lights!
Me: That’s right, Bub. Beautiful lights.
Bub: Daddy make lights!
Me: Actually, I believe China made those lights, Bub.
Bub: Yes. Daddy make lights.

Week III

Bub: Lights! Lights! Ooh, beautiful lights!
Me: That’s right, Bub. Lots of lights.
Bub: Daddy make lights!
Me: That’s right, Bub. Daddy forged these lights, one by one, out of love and copper. Just for you, buddy. Then when you sleep at night, I sneak out and hang them. All over the world. You see those lights? Daddy made them. And those over there on the left? Yep, that was me. Ooh, and those over there, too. Daddy’s been busy. What do you think?
Bub: Yay, Daddy!

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  1. Funny funny as usual. Love following the adventures of Bub and HR