Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Still Life With Bub

If ever a picture was begging to be captioned, I'd say it's this one.  Please feel free to join in the fun:

1.  Bub discovers the hard way that lamps rarely loses staring contests.
2.  What is this thing here in my pants?
3.  Bub suddenly realizes that he and his hands are not alone in the universe.  It was a lot to handle.
4.  I think I see my dad.
5.  This is a sit-in.  And I'm not moving till I get a matching outfit.  Or I remember that I don't know how to sit and fall flat on my face.  Whatever.
6.  Look into my eyes.  I'm brainwashing you, Daddy.  You will do as I say.  I am your master.  Get me a fikey.  And get me one while I'm waiting.  Hey, is this thing on?
7.  Ohhhh.  One too many Milk Duds again.
8.  My world domination will take longer than originally planned.  Must first master blinking.
9.  I see you've noticed my tremendous physique.  Yeah, I'm 47% body fat.  And I don't even work out.  Don't be a hater.
10.  Uh oh.  Good thing this couch is brown.


  1. Hey. Hey you. Yea, you. The bald one who stares at me all day and takes my picture in weird poses. 1) Change me. I smell. 2) Some day you'll teach me that posting my photo on the internet is an invasion of personal privacy, and I shouldn't do it, so thanks for starting me off on the right foot for future employment background checks. 3)I've read that blog. I'm not amused.

  2. Hey, Bub. Bubbe is on ur side.

  3. Yay. It says my comment was published but I dont see it. Love, confused ( as usal) Bubbe

  4. Ohhh. I see it now. It did get published, It is right above the box where I am typing. Dearest Elliot. Never forget that Bubbe is always on your side agianst my son iw law who is expoiting you. I do have to admit however it IS very entertaining. Sorry Bub. Love, Bubbe

  5. p.s Dear Bub, ur bube is definiely a nut case. Maybe I should start my own nutty Bubbe Blog. No better not. That might put ur dad out of business.

  6. Did I win? I may have to give my prize of Bub for a week to someone else...not sure how he'll deal with security at the airport... hehe