Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Goodnight, Moon to Become Reality Show

The colorful cast of Margaret Wise Brown’s famed Goodnight Moon has agreed to do a reality show of the same name. As the book celebrates its 64th anniversary, the show hopes to pull in readers young and old, nostalgic types and just really bored people. 

We caught up with some of the aging cast in the green room of the Great Green Room to get their thoughts on the project, and found that time had not been kind to all.

Red Balloon, looking more like a shriveled pink kidney, said, “Doing the book was a life highlight for me. Most balloons just get popped.”

It wasn’t such a lovefest for the entire cast, though. Comb and Brush haven’t spoken in decades. And the in-room romance between Socks and Mittens fizzled with a rejected marriage proposal.

“I guess she got cold feet,” Socks said, with no sense of irony. 

Bowl Full of Mush, looking pale and unappetizing as ever, said only this: “Eat me.”

Two Little Kittens (real names Arty and Marty) are now two nearly immobile mounds of matted fur and eye crust, the hefty toll of childhood fame and readily available catnip. 

As we chatted, Young Mouse hobbled right past them and gave them the bird. Marty farted.

Sad. The years have been gentler to others. Clocks, an ageless wonder, vowed to set the record straight: “People say I’ve had work done. That really winds me up, grinds my gears, you know? This is my original face!”

Noises Everywhere said, “Ahahahahahahahhhhhh.Brrraaaaaahhhhhhaaabrahahabaa.”

Quiet Old Lady Whispering Hush, still old, still quiet, offered some perspective: “Shhhh.”

Moon said, “Can somebody please get this cow off me?”

Should be fun. Shooting starts next week. If all goes well, producers are already auditioning cast members for the long-awaited sequel, Good Morning Sun.

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  1. Was telephone lamenting her loneliness in the age of the cell phone?