Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Atextual Reproduction

Don't quote me, boy, cuz I ain't said s---.

More audio droppings splattered about our environs, completely devoid of context. Enjoy!

“Can you give me my Taco Bell feet, please, Daddy?”
“Here you go.”
“No, Daddy, these are my Taco Bell hands.”
“Can I have my Taco Bell feet now, please?”

“I think HP is pooping, do you think?”
“Well, she doesn’t look like it. I mean, she’s not grunting or…”
“I SMELL somebody pooping. I think HP is pooping, Daddy.”

“Daddy, have you seen my tiny banana?”
“HP’s not doing the right thing, Daddy.”
“Yeah? What’s that?”
“I just told her to look in my eyes and listen. And she didn’t.”

“Get yourself some dingo, Daddy.”
“What’s that?”
“It’s right here. In the dingo machine.”
“But what is dingo?”
“It’s just dingo.”
“But I don’t understand…”

“Did she suck it? I said, did she SUCK IT, DADDY?”

“Stop! I said you have to go south!”
“Who are you talking to, Bub?”
“I’m talking to my man.”
“Oh. What’s his name?”
“He doesn’t have a name.”
“Ooh, like Clint Eastwood in that western…“
“Yeah, we’re just gonna do a story now.”
“About what?”
“You’ll figure it out, okay? I’ll teach you, Daddy.”

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