Friday, March 15, 2013

Pizzeria Bubalina

Every artist has his method. Though unorthodox, Bub has honed a definitive style of making pies. It is unique, it is a secret, and I am here to sell out that secret. This is straight from his personal cookbook:


Serving size: Some for everybody

Materials: Big purple bowl (must be purple). That’s it.

Ingredients: Pickling spice, chili powder, celery salt, nutmeg, cinnamon, seasoned salt, coriander, caraway, empty oregano jar that may or may not contain a Matchbox car (optional).

1.       Be sure to leave ALL of the caps on the spices. Or Daddy will get mad. Except for the empty oregano. This you can open, just be careful not to spill your Matchbox.
2.       Also, we do not lick the chili powder. It is very spicy. You can smell them, though.
3.       Shake each spice into the bowl, one at a time. It really doesn’t matter how much you add. VERY IMPORTANT: Be sure to sing while you do this. I recommend ABCs, if you are familiar.
4.       Now line up your spices in a semi-circle formation.
5.       Next, count your spices. You should always have 27.
6.       Finally, enjoy your pizza. Make sure Bankie gets a piece. It is soooooo good!

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