Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mix Tape

Milk, milk, milk, milk, milk, milk...thank you, good night!

Bub’s taste in music is nothing if not eclectic, a unique hybrid of children’s classics and whatever happens to pop into Daddy’s brain that captures his fancy. I had the pleasure of discussing it with him today at lunch:

Me: So Bub, what’s your FAVORITE song these days?
Bub: Hello, Everybody.
Me: Oh, from music class? Nice choice. What’s your second favorite?
Bub: ABCs.
Me: Classic. How about third?
Bub: Um, Twinkle, Twinkle.
Me: Yep, those two we sing every night before bed. But what’s number four?
Bub: Um...uh…um…Oh, Daddy’s writing NUMBERS!
Me: That’s right, I’m recording your top ten. Just like Casey Kasem. So what’s number four?
Bub: Um…uh…um…uh…um…uhhhh…ummmmmmm….aahhhhh….ummmmmmmmm…Alejandro!
Me: A little Gaga, sure.
And so on. So, rounding out the top ten were:

1.       She Sells Sea Shells (Traditional)
2.       Hush (Deep Purple)
3.       Only the Young (Brandon Flowers)
4.       Yon Yonson (Traditional)
5.       Diamonds (Rihanna)
6.       Choppin’ Broccoli (Dana Carvey)

Missing the cut, but honorable mentions are:

Uh Oh Falling in Love (Gloria Estefan)
Manamana (from The Muppets)
Paradise (Coldplay)
My Buttons (Storytime song)
Anything by the Black Keys

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