Friday, November 30, 2012

Sound Bites from the Funny Farm

“I take a pants off?”
“You gonna take your pants off, too?”
“Daddy’s pants OFF!”
“That’s right, Bub, Daddy’s pants are already off. Sounds like a party.”
“C’mon. The water’s getting cold.”
“I go to party?”

“Daddy no wearing shirt.”
“That’s right, Bub. Daddy just got up. Can I have a hug?”
“No. No hug.”
“That’s not very nice.”
“Daddy, put shirt on!”
“Does Daddy offend?”

Mommy: “So, I see you eat meat now.”
Bub: “Yes.”
Daddy: “You like meat, Bub?”
Bub: “Yes. Mommy like meat?”
Daddy: “Yes.”
Bub: “Yes. Daddy eat meat, Mommy eat meat, everybody eat meat!”
Mommy: “Well, not everybody, Bub. Mommy’s a vegetarian.”
Bub: “Yes. Mommy no eat meat.”
Daddy: “But she sure likes the bone.”
Bub: “Yes.”
Daddy: “High five!”

“What do you say, Bub?”
“Cuse me.”
“Thank you. Do you like the mac and cheese?”
“Wow. Okay, what do say?”

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