Monday, April 2, 2012

Baby Re-imagines Synthpop Classic “Send Me an Angel”

The Chicago Renaissance toddler Bub has decided to channel his creative energy into the music forum by “re-imagining” Real Life’s 1983 classic Send Me an Angel.

“With all due respect to the original, this is not a remake,” Bub said. “From the title on down, this is a totally new concept, a little less mundane.”

Bub’s single, titled “Send Me an Angle,” tells the story of a very popular triangle who loses everything in a freak dinner bell accident. Reduced to being simply a right angle, the triangle is forced to lie in disrepair and ruminate on the true meaning of his geometric relevance.

“What if a right angle was wrong?” Bub asked. “That was the creative genesis to the piece. It’s a lot like The Wall. Only shorter.” 

Bub was kind enough to share the first verse with us:

Do you believe in isosceles? Do you believe scalene? Pythagoras lied, two of my vertices died, I have no hypotenuse. Send me an angle, send me an angle right now.

Asked if he had any qualms about remaking someone else’s work, Bub said:

“Does UNESCO have any qualms about reconstructing world heritage sites? Real Life essentially provided the cream filling, but I always felt they lacked the yellow spongecake goodness to make the song a true Twinkie.”

We asked Bub’s father, Daddy, what he thought of his son’s most recent endeavor.

“I think it’s like painting over a Michelangelo or re-writing a Stine book,” he said. “You can’t just mess with art like that.”

You mean Steinbeck?

“R.L. Stine, yo,” he said. “What the fuck is a Steinbeck?”

Real Life had no comment on the remake, but were sure to mention that they are available to fulfill any birthday, wedding or bar mitzvah needs you might have.

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